15. Building WebCore - WebKit porting to Mona OS

Let's build WebKit on OSX, and see what's happening.

% Tools/Scripts/build-webkit --debug --no-svg 2>&1|tee webkit.build.osx.log

The build process is going as following.

Okay, I gonna build WebCore. There must be many missing dependencies, but it doesn't matter. Since WebCore is huge, started from subdirectory "./html".
When building Source/WebCore/html/BaseButtonInputType.cpp, following error is shown.

        from Source/WebCore/html/BaseButtonInputType.cpp:36:
./Source/WebCore/platform/DragImage.h:87:27: error: 'DragImageRef' was not declared in this scope./Source/WebCore/platform/DragImage.h:92:5: error: 'DragImageRef' does not name a type

Hmm. Seed DragImage.h:87.

    typedef RetainPtr<NSImage> DragImageRef;
    typedef QPixmap* DragImageRef;
    typedef HBITMAP DragImageRef;
    typedef wxDragImage* DragImageRef;
    typedef cairo_surface_t* DragImageRef;

It just hit me. We should define some kind of drawing unit.