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51.iframe - WebKit porting to Mona OS

Found we were not able to tweet from our Webkit port. After investigating, we found iframe load failed. We probary missed setting up subframes, but we're not sure what was wrong. So I asked about it at #webkit IRC channel. One of developer…


ひげ太に「カバンが壊れた」と話したら「セロテープで直したら?」と言われた。 「セロテープでは直らないかな」と答えたら「じゃあ 100 円ショップでかばんかったら?」と答えた。

英語難易度 A+ 突入


50.libjpeg - WebKit porting to Mona OS

Ported libjpeg. We can enjoy flickr. TOC 0. Table of Contents - WebKit porting to Mona OS

49.Cookie Jar - WebKit porting to Mona OS

I got tired of doing the same thing over and over, typing username and pasword :D So enabled cookie jar file. Now cookies are save to "/USER/COOKIE.TXT". Since our Webkit port is using curl, it's easy to support cookie jar. ResourceHandleM…

OSX Emacs flyspell-mode でスペルチェック

aspell と辞書のインストール % brew install aspell --lang=en .emacs (setq ispell-program-name "/usr/local/bin/aspell") ;; for anything.el (define-key flyspell-mode-map [(control ?\;)] nil) (add-hook 'change-log-mode-hook '(lambda() (flyspel…

48.Slow Rendering - WebKit porting to Mona OS

Logged out http://twitter.com/ is rendered very slowly on my WebKit port. I did printf debugging. And finally found ShadowBlur::blurLayerImage took a few hundreds msec. It's extremely slow! Following three loops are slow. "sum+= ..." was e…