OS News に取り上げられた

Mona が10/7に OS News に取り上げられていた。→ Mona OS - OSNews.com
某所の英語ブログのアクセスが急増→リンク元は www.monaos.org → OS News


  • 英語のAPIドキュメントがないのが残念
  • Mona の意味についてあれこれ推測
  • Mona は学生が開発しているらしい(微妙に間違い
  • 実機で起動しない
  • ほめられている



A couple people have commented on the lack of English documentation -- I would contend that if you look at the code, most comments and functions are in English. You can build SVN easily on linux, and the code is pretty clean.

He even maintains Japanese and English versions of his blogs. This fella keeps updating his pages even though he receives little traffic, and gets few comments.

Perhaps now a few more interested people will learn from/contribute to this great open source hobbyist project-- that isn't millions lines of code to digest.