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today's Scheme code

(import (rnrs) (mosh file) (shorten) (mosh control) (mosh)) (let1 ht (make-eqv-hashtable) (for-each (^l (cond [(#/address=0x([^\s]+)\snew.*size=(\d+)/ l) => (lambda (m) (hashtable-set! ht (m 1) (m 2)))] [(#/address=0x([^\s]+)\sdelete/ l) =…

Porting Mosh to Mona

Adding stubs for Threads. Sockets on Mona is enough for Mosh. Should I port GNU MP library to Mona? Is it difficult?

Today's reviewal

A goal of test automation radix sort I/O models bucket sort TCP connect/close DDD documents mutal fund