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Rasterize 0割 hash based indexing 2割 以下10割。 Rasterize hash based indexing

Radiometry - Real-Time Rendering

Real-Time Renderingの 6章 。 マインドマップから再構成したまとめ Radiometry? 放射線の測定を取り扱う Steradian 立体角 radian の仲間 式は省略(Tex記法は面倒) radient flux dQ/dt irradiance E= dΦ/dA I=E(r)r2=dΦ/dw しかし Steradian は習った覚え…


Termite Scheme is a variant of Scheme intended for distributed computing. It offers a simple and powerful concurrency model, inspired by the Erlang programming language, which is based on a message-passing model of concurrency. プログラミ…